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Female Hair Defaults Part II

Continuing from the previous post, here are some more (I've done so many defaults, I actually dream of defaulting ^^

here you go:

afhattowelturban replaced with:

pink towel:
Newsea Lafite



more hairCollapse )

Female Hair-Defaults Part I

Over the past weeks I've been working on defaulting all Maxis hairstyles with styles I love/need/want in Lilith' textures. I don't know if anyone else has use for these, since hairdefaults are a pretty individual choice. Chances are slim that you a) like the styles I chose b) find them fitting as replacements of exactly these Maxis hairs c) use Lilith' texures as well and finally d) use the colors I use - with volatile as blonde (the rest MM or as close as Poppet colors get). So, in case you indeed have use for them, I present you the first part of a huge hairdefault dump. I'll upload and post quite a few more, as soon as I've taken previews. All hairs have been tested in my game - several sims run around for ages of playing with them. But: if anything doesn't work as it should, feel free to contact me. Note: Obviously you'll need the EP/SP a Maxis hair came with to use a default replacement for it.I have all EPs/SPs - occasionally, this matters - when a style got updated with a later EP.

Credits: Newsea, Cazy, Coolsims, Skysims, Pinketamine and Martini for the Meshes, Lilith for the textures, Vimpse for the retextures in this post.

All previews have been lightened up heavily, so that you can see more details - the black is indeed...well black, not washed-out.

Enough with the text, here are some defaults for the ladies:

afhairponypuff (YA-E), which comes in five styles with different bands, replaced with:

Green band:
Skysims 101


a lot more hairCollapse )
cfdressabovekneecollar replaced with Eltaniz' Playground Champ (a2c-conversion of this Af-outfit by rented-space).

This is so super-cute for little girls :D I didn't care much about the Maxis dress and it comes in six colors, so that I could mix and match from the set with black tights and that one with skull tights.



Defaults: Dresses for Summer and Winter

More replacements for the ladies. Both are enabled for young adults, too.

First, something for cold weather: afbodyturtlesweaterdressboots replaced with needlecream's dress with Stradlin boots, because it just looks so warm and comfy :)



And then, something for hot summer evenings: afbodysundress replaced with these gorgeous dresses recolored by jesslove.



I categorized them as everyday and formal, because they are really cute party dresses, too.

All credit goes to the original creators <3
Another backup of a more recent tumblr upload. Credit and thanks to Anye @ Pinkbox for the lovely mesh and Icad for the wood color palette. Wood texture is an extracted Maxis one.




Into the Night...

amtopbomberjacket replaced with another wonderful TS3 conversion by rented space/Serenity Fall (you can tell, I have my favorite creators for clothing) - Supernatural Vampire Vest.



I LOVE the top for my fancy sim gentlemen...
I've been in love with these 3t2 conversions by Serenity Fall from the first moment I saw them. Soooo cute! I needed to have them for my sim kids. Many many thanks and credit for those awesome kids clothes <3

First I replaced cmbodyparkaboots with those cute overcoats and boots:


They are enabled for both gender (kids share the same body shape for both genders) and you can still have a replacement for the girl version in the game! I'll probably make one soon-ish anyway.


more: cubodydragon, cutopshortsleeveCollapse )

Again, I'm pretty new to this - everything works fine in my game and my sim kids wear those for quite some sim days now, but if you notice something that is odd, let me know :)
Since I've learned how to do it, I've made quite a lot of defaults for my game. I started with those clothes I really didn't want to see in my game - I chose clothes I'd want in my game anyway - be it default replacements or custom clothes. My choices might not be the obvious ones, but I already have a lot of other simmers' defaults in my game, so quite often the perfect replacement choice already replaced something else in my game.

It's my first default upload, but the files are playtested and work fine in my game. I want to put a "testers wanted" up here anyway, just in case. Keep in mind, that you can only have one replacement of a certain piece of clothes in your game. Shoe-sounds are changed, when it was necessary, the adult clothes are enabled for young adults, too.

Anyway, the defaults:

I replaced afbodyshirtuntuckedoxford with Sanneke94's heeled version of Needlecream's sundress. I needed some more simple, elegant clothes in my game and the original outfit is one that really needed to go.


more female clothes: replacements of aftracksuit, afdressweddingshort, aftoplongsleevebustier and tfbodydressbeltbootsCollapse )

All credits go to the creators of those wonderful clothes and their recolors. Thank you for making my game prettier! Also, special thanks to mooglesims, whose fantastic defaulting tutorials answered all questions I ran into :)

Reupload: Firefly Cushions

'cause I'm a browncoat ^^


Credit: Mystic Rain @ BPS for the Mesh, Society6 for the artwork and of course Joss Whedon <3


swatch under the cutCollapse )

Bitta Beds and Blankets - Reupload


Bitta Bed by Anye @ Pinkbox - recolored in all of CuriousB's colors
Additionally, Jonesi's Blanket in all those 42 colors, too, with a quilted texture by Ohbehave on top.



more pictures and color swatch under the cutCollapse )