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19 November
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This blog is still very much under construction. At some point it will be a complete backup of my recolors and a place where I post my longer entries for e.g. defaults. I also consider posting some of my gameplay entries here, that won't fit into a normal simblr post. We'll see.

my simblr: http://mechbutterfly.tumblr.com

If I added you, it's probably because I either know you from tumblr or just love your stuff. Or both :)

TOU: I don't think I really need one, but well... For the meshes I've recolored and the files I used for defaults, it is the police of the original creators, of course.

For my recolors or whatever else I might post here at some point of own content: Do what you want with it, really. This includes editing, including in lots, even re-uploading to make it available for FREE for other simmers. I don't need credit. Have fun. If I see it in use I'll smile, cuddle my cat and feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside. Otherwise I don't care.

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